Roaming profiles not saving to server



Hi all,

I have a small network with a Win2k3 server/domain, 2 XP PCs and 2 PCs with
Vista business 64. I'm not trying to use the same account on both a Vista and

Both the XP PCs accounts and PCs are working fine with roaming profiles
being copied to and from the server as expected. However, neither of the
Vista PCs are doing this properly.

The accounts are setup the same in AD with the user profile pointing to
\\servername\profiles\username, home directory pointing to
\\servername\username, folder redirection enabled for documents.

The profiles folder is shared with EVERYONE, SYSTEM and AUTHENTICATED USERS
having full control at the share level.

The profiles folder is permissioned the same way with USERNAME and
ADMINISTRATORS having full control on the profile or profile.V2 folders.

When a user first logs onto a PC his profile is created correctly on the PC
and saved back to the server on log off as expected. Everything will continue
working for a while then for no apparent reason, the profiles on the PCs will
stop writing back to the server.

The Vista users can browse to \\servername\profiles\username and
create/delete files to the permissions seem to be setup correctly.

I don't seem to be having any DNS issues as all PCs can resolve IPs to all
other PCs. Permissions for private user data and shared data areas are
working correctly. Web/network browsing is all working fine. In fact the
only problem I am experiencing is this one.

There are no errors being displayed and nothing obvious being logged in the
event viewer.

Please, any advise? I'm not getting anywhere with trying to fix this.

Thanks in advance



Yes I did resolve it eventually. It turned out to be one of the nvidia
video driver components that was causing the problem.

1 - Click start
2 - type msconfig
3 - go to the services tab
4 - click in the box to hide the microsoft services
5 - locate the nvidia services and uncheck it/them
6 - reboot

I have no idea what this service is supposed to do. The PCs work perfectly
without them including in all the games we play so the drivers are obviously
still working fine.

Hope it works for you too.

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