RIS (XP) and Dell Broadcom adapters




This actually applies to Windows 2003 RIS. I thought I'd post this in case
anyone else is having a similar problem and pulling their hair out! The
problem was getting a RIS (Windows XP) install working for a Dell Inspiron
1150 laptop, which uses the Broadcom 440x onboard NIC. Basically, during the
RIS install of XP (RIS server already RIsetup by this stage) complained of
not being able to find the correct network driver. (See

I tried many fixes, including those in Q315279 and Q246184. I also played
around with various INF files until voila! I got it working. Here's how:

1. Firstly, use the DELL drivers for the 440x (in this case for XP, driver
R71271), not the generic Broadcom drivers.

2. Copy the inf (i.e. bcm4sbxp.inf) and sys files to the
<drive>:RemoteInstall\Setup....I386 folder.

3. At the same level as the I386 folder, create the structure
$oem$\$1\Drivers\Nic and drop the three inf, sys and cat files in there.

4. Edit the inf file that you copied in stage 2 only (NOT the one in stage
3) as follows:

Change the [Manufacturer] section to:

Change the next [BROADCOM.NTx86.5.1] header to [BROADCOM]

5. Edit the ristndrd.sif file as follows:

Add the following two lines to the [Unattended] section:
OemPreinstall = yes
OemPnpDriversPath = \Drivers\Nic

(Note that Q246184 doesn't include the leading backslash before the Drivers,
though I had to include it.)

6. Stop and restart the BINL service and that did the trick for me.

YMMV of course depending on the hardware, but I hope this helps or at least
provides a pointer to a fix.


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