RIS install with w2k image - e1000325.sys is corrupted



hello everybody,
this is my first post in this group, glad to read you guys.
Here is my case:
I have a w2k server running RIS. Also, a base Image with w2k (SP4).
What i need is to download this image to an IBM x206, that has an Intel
Pro 1000 NIC.
I followed the tutorials creating this directory structure and adding
drivers for this NIC on to
"$OEM$\$1\DRIVERS\Nic", and into the i386 folder of the base image.


I have also modified the "riprep.sif" file located in "i386\Templates"
directory, and added the following lines:

OemPreinstall = Yes

So, here comes the problem: when i boot the server, I press F12 and
everything goes fine with the PXE environment. I get the RIS OSC menu,
enter the user data (user, password, domain) and get the image list. I
select the image (that one that have the drivers for the NIC), press
enter, enter again and then starts to get the drivers. The installer
loads a few drivers, and then stays in "Network Adapter Device", and
drops me a blue screen with this message:

" The File e1000325.sys is corrupted. Press any key to continue "

I tried replacing this file in the i386 folder at the base image folder
with the new ones from Intel, but im stucked. I can pass this error.
Does anybody knows why this is happening? Any help will be apreciated.

Thanks in advance, John.

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