Reverse dns ptr/mx records not working.. Getting stuck in loop.



I've checked my settings over and over, and everyone suggest the
samething, but it's not working.. I need a reverse record for our mail
Asking for PTR record: says to go to (zone:

Asking for PTR record: says to go to (zone:

Asking for PTR record: Got
CNAME referral to (zone 163.160-

Asking for
PTR record: says to go to (zone:

Asking for PTR
record: says to go to NS28.CUSTOMER.LEVEL3.NET. (zone: 160-

------------------------------------------------------------------------- = (that ip is really not our
mailserver, but for all practical purposes it is here in this example)

OK so after that it just gets in a loop and times out.. what i don't
understand is that when it hits Level(3)'s dns server it does what it's
susposed to do and pass the reverse request on to our dns server. Then
our DNS server acts like a dumbass.. instead of answering the request our
dns server pass that shit back out to the authoritive dns server (level 3
's dns servers in this case) and then we go back into the whole loop over

I have the following set up..

forward zone for
host for
mx for
pointer for

reverse zone for
ptr for

and that's it. I have checked with other people and they say all you need
is the reverse ptr in there.

I am sure i am missing something really easy.. any help would be


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