Restrictions and rights



i have 10 users pc that all users have full local administrator rights. now
i tried to remove those rights and to have all users as normal users on the
local machine, but the most of their applications etc stopped working.
basically i want the best/easy/possible way to have all users restricted
local access
all users are xp sp2 and up and joined under the domain.
Thank you in advance


Restricting a user has two main effects on program execution:
Inability to change files in the Windows or Program Files folders.
Inability to change settings in the HKLM registry branch.

To find out exactly why apps won't run, you would need to examine the
permissions on specific files and folders to see what is being blocked.

Most modern apps will run for a limited user, the problem generally arises
with older ones which expect to be able to write-to system folders.

If you can't restrict the useraccounts, a good alternative security-measure
to reduce the risk of malware, etc is a software restriction policy.

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