Restrict Streaming Media on XP


Tuna Sandwich

Hello all,

I was wondering how to restrict Streaming Media (internet
radio etc.) on my network. I have a Linksys DSL/Cable
Router. People are constantly listening to internet
music and killing my bandwidth. I have tried to deny
in/out access to ports 1755, 7007, and 2571-2583. I know
that most .asf music streams over Http port 80, so, how
do I stop this??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The Tuna Sandwich

Curtis Clay III [MSFT]

Hello Tuna,
In order to block content you will need a proxy server of some kind. The
ISA server can block content by file extension.
Install Internet Security and Acceleration Server Service Pack 1
Content Group
Block deny Audio
Windows Media
wma .ra .mp3

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