restore points on an external portable USB drive



I use a portable USB drive that gets hooked up to various machines. I
have turned off system restore on the drive, but if I forget to shut
off the drive or disconeect it before I do a power cycle, when the
computer (running XP or W2K) reboots, it will set a restore point on
the portable USB external hard drive.

Is there a way I can tell XP to shut off this behaviour once and for
all so that it will not use the portable harddrive to save restore
point information?

Note: I do not see this behaviour with USB flash drives.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Bert,

The only applicable techique in the FAQ was the suggestion to assign a
permenant letter to the harddrive and then shut it off. I already do
that. And as it says in the FAQ, it doesn't necessarily work all the
time. My experiance is that I agree with the FAQ, t doesn't work all
the time.

What I didn't realize is that restore points from different machines
could confuse a particular machine and make the restore points on that
machine useless. So that was a good pointer and I thank you for it.


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