Restarting Numbering when using Include Text Fields in a Pseudo-Master Document


Allison Orange

We are using Word 2003.

I have a pseudo master document that I set up using Include Text fields. I
am not using the master document feature at all.

Each of the "subdocuments" has numbering in it (scrupulously following
Shawna Kelley's guidelines). Of course, when I look at each of these
documents, the numbering starts at A, B, C...

When I update the fields in the main document, the numbering is continuous
and does not restart for each subdocument.

Is there a way to indicate that the numbering should restart at the
beginning of each subdocument, either by doing something to the numbering in
the subdocument or by doing something before each include text field in the

Thanks in advance,
Allison Orange
Systems Project Consultant
Florida Public Service Commission
(e-mail address removed)

Stefan Blom

In the "master" document, have you tried adding a LISTNUM field that
restarts the heading number before each INCLUDETEXT field? For more, see

I haven't tested that the method actually works in a "master" document with
INCLUDETEXT fields; if it doesn't, you may want to convert numbering to text
in each of the "subdocuments."

To convert numbering to text: Make sure that the document you want to
convert is the active document. Press Alt+F11 to start the Visual Basic
Editor. Press Ctrl+G to activate the Immediate window. Type


and press Enter. Close the Visual Basic Editor. Note that since you applied
numbering via styles, it won't be completely gone until you have removed it
from the style definition. When you are done, save the document. Repeat for
other documents whose numbering you want to convert.

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