Problem with IncludeText


Allison Orange

We are using Word 2003 on a Novel network and use IncludeText as a way to
replace the master document feature. The one document, the "master" has
IncludeText fields that reference the "subdocuments" using a mapped drive
and absolute paths.

For all users except one, if user A has a subdocument open and user B opens
the master, user B will get dialogs saying that a particular subdocument is
open, do they want to open it read only or open a local copy. User B says
open it read only and everything is fine.

For one user, if she opens the master, she receives the same messages and
indicates "open read only" for the subdocuments in use by others, however,
the master opens with those subdocuments' text missing and the error message
"Error! Cannot Open File" instead of the subdocument text.

We're thinking this user has some setting different from the others, but
from looking at other posts to get ideas and looking at how her options are
set, I don't see anything different.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Allison Orange
(e-mail address removed)
Florida Public Service Commission

Allison Orange

Yes, the paths look like this "s:\\psc\\ecr\\wp\\...\\filename.doc". It is
just a mapped drive in the paths, not the server name.

Also, we are now on an all Windows network because we migrated off the Novel
server onto a Windows server. In order to facilitate this, we have mapped a
drive on the new server that still allows the path shown above to work since
the server name was never involved.

Thanks again,
Allison Orange

Allison Orange

Yesterday, I discovered this problem was not limited to docs with
includetext. This user had the same problem when she opened a doc that
another user was in.

Also, she did not have the problem when she went to a different pc and
logged in as herself. (We have roaming profiles so a lot of settings travel
with a user to another pc.) And I did not have the problem logged into her

So it was just this user logged into her own pc that displayed the problem.

One of the analysts thought the problem might be in her Local Settings and
we renamed that folder this morning and lo and behold her problems are

Thank you, Stefan, for trying to help us!

Allison Orange

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