Resolving Computer Names in Subdomains



My question: How can I configure the clients in the parent domain to
resolve queries in the subdomain without having to search on the FQDN?

I have created an AD subdomain, configured the DNS servers in the
subdomain, delegated the subdomain, and all works fine... almost. When
a member of the parent domain does a search for a computer in the
subdomain without including the FQDN, the result is host not found.

I understand that you can add the domain to the DNS Suffix Search list
in TCP/IP Advanced settings of the client, but there are far too many
clients. I also don't see a way to add an additional entry to the 015
DNS Domain Name setting in DHCP.




Steve Duff [MVP]

Under Win2K Server, the choices aren't exactly elegant, but
they are available:

With Win2K3 Server, you have a group policy to configure
this directly:

Win2K clients don't understand this policy though,
so you would need to use the first option if you have a mix.

You might be tempted to change the primary suffix on all
workstations to the child domain and let the "resolve
parent suffixes.." feature of DNS resolution handle the
problem. Don't.

Steve Duff, MCSE, MVP
Ergodic Systems, Inc.


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