Cannot resolve subdomains


Hey Wait

Hello, i have following problem:

I try to explain as well as i can.

I changed hosting company so i modified the domain DNS1/DNS2.

After a day i was able to resolve it to correct ip of new server.

But i wasn't able to do it for subdomains (,

Then after like 6 hours, i was able to resolve subdomains.

Now after day i wasn't able to do so again.

So i did ipconfig /flushdns (i'm at windows xp) and it works fine again

But my friend reported he cannot ping the subdomains. (after 2 days of
domain dns change and subdomains created on new hosting NS)

What can be wrong ?

I thougt after domain is resolved, adding/delteing subdomains is real
time -
as it was on my last hosting.

Any ideas ?

Thanks In Advance,



William Stacey

Are the subdomains delegated to you or do they also exist within the zone at
the hosting company?



Jonathan de Boyne Pollard

HW> I try to explain as well as i can.

Tell us the domain names involved, so we can look for ourselves.

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