Resizing Partitions in Vista



My new Vista based computer has a 50Gb C drive and a 270Gb D drive.

I want to increase the C drive by 50Gb and reduce the D drive by the same

I have tried to use the Vista Drive Management Tool, but it will only allow
me to Shrink the D drive and not expand the C drive.

Even the 3rd party tool Easeus Partition Manager will not let me resize the
C drive.

Can Microsoft offer a solution!




It is probably shrinking the D: drive on the Right side making it not
available to the C: drive.
Just a suggestion, download BootIt NG, a 3rd party partition manager which
is free for 30 days.
Install it and then using the partition program to Slide the D: drive
program to the right, creating an Unallocated space for your C: drive to
expand onto.
I hope this makes sense to you,
Good Luck,

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