Residual Sticky Key Effect


Not Katny

User ran Accessiblity Wizard to activate sticky keys.
Found it was not what he wanted. Rebooted and CTRL + ALT
+ DEL wouldn't work. Tried hitting each key in sequence
and other combinations, including Shift 5 times. Said to
turn off Sticky. Finally got logged on.
Turned off sticky keys. I walked him through what his
Accessibility Options should be based on a user who had
never turned on the feature.
Still has a problem when rebooting. CTRL + ALT + DEL
won't work, unless there is a 5 minute wait time.

Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

Have you tried using System Restore to take the system back to a time prior
to when the problem began. Start\All Programs\Accessories\System
Tools\System Restore.


Well, I tried restoring the registry to the last
functioning settings (or something to that effect). But I
will try your suggestion. Thanks

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