I can get my IE to stop defaulting to

What is this thing. I've checked for spyware, nothing
comes up. I have searched for this dll; I try to change
the internet options...I is the
only internet option for webpage that this site won't
take over.

Please help. I am not sure I know how to get back to
this page, please send suggestions to
(e-mail address removed)
Thank you.




Hi -

Should have taken note of what/where/subject you are posting to at least try
to return to the site/thread. ;-) Remember, like a using a compass and
taking back-bearings, the back-button usually will get you to where you
started, with even less work.

Have a look at this site:

Ad-Aware by Lavasoft is purported to fix this type of Hijacking problem.

(e-mail address removed)

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Thank you for answering. I have adware and I also bought
spyblocker, still no luck, but I did get back here!!
Anyway I am now wondering it if is part of the serch
directory as it is not a http address. I wonder if
there is omething in the defaults that overides "Internet
options". Still frustrated with it.




YW, and congratio on your return. :) I presume you mean you have Ad-Aware.
Just for future reference try to be exact and specific. Also, for future
reference you should keep this URL below handy just so you will know what
are invalid programs and which are respected ones. You can see many
similarity in the names, and anyone who helps you will need to know if you
have the "real deal" and not some bogus "sounds-alike" product, which can
cause lots of problems all by themselves. :)

First of all, if you are getting a search page such as what is the Subject
Title, there's no mistake; it is a Hijacking. Yeah, there is something
over-riding it, and it is some malware. This has been a tough one to defeat.

Have you followed the instructions which were offered on that link I
provided? I believe that is the most recently developed fix for this

Then there is this from Jim Byrd MS-MVP. (Copied and pasted below. Thanks

Hi - I'm informed that the 01R325 AdAware update of 6/28 or later supposedly
completely removes this for some variants/malware implementations; however,
I haven't been able to independently verify this and have also heard
contrary info. Try it first (UPDATED and then from Safe mode), and if it
doesn't work then:

See these threads first: (Read very carefully!)

Then from merijn, here:

June 18, 2004:
Please stop emailing me about the new CWS variant that hijacks you to
res://<random>.dll/sp.html#96676. I am aware of this new thing, but it's a
beast to remove.
A solution is being worked on, see this thread on the SWI forums

If it's not working for you, or it's too complicated, I heard from several
people that this workaround works as well:
Open the DLL you get hijacked to in Notepad
Select all content (Ctrl-A) and delete it
Save the file and exit Notepad
Find the file in Explorer, right-click it, select Properties, put a
checkmark in 'Read-Only' and click OK.
If you can't find the DLL file, make sure your settings allow you to view
"Hidden files". Open up any explorer windows and click on "Tools", "Folder
Options", "View" and be sure to check off "Show Hidden Files and Folders".
Continuing on, you may try the following to resolve it.

Quick and basic scans from any of the following sites:
Doxdesk parasite scan
Jim Eshelmans WSC on-line quick scan
Bugs Glitches and Stuff-ups

More In-Depth on-line scanners for parasites and Trojans:
GFI free on-line Trojan scanner
Sygate Technologies Trojanscan
PestPatrol on-line scan
SpywareChecker on-line scan

Parasites, spyware malware basics:

Check for Spyware - How - to's
First, install the respective programs and then update them immediately,
so that they have the current versions, and definitions. Read the Help
Files and Tutorials.

After you've Updated Spybot S & D, and SpywareBlaster, you *must*
ENABLE the protections as well. These two programs do not automatically
enable the newest definitions and updates, so this process but must be
done by you manually.

Run them one at a time. With Ad-Aware you may have it
generally clean whatever it finds. The same applies for CWShredder.
Spybot S&D requires special attention (listed below), as does HijackThis
(Only more so. Details listed below) The programs are listed in order of
their general strength, safety, and purpose. It is perhaps best to install
and run these in this order of appearance. All are freeware programs,
but if you are pleased with the results and quality of the utilities,
donations to the respective Authors are cheerfully accepted.

*Most important* - Before you try to remove spyware using any of the
following programs, realize that the process of cleaning and removing
certain spyware and malware may possibly interrupt and kill your internet
connection. Therefore, you should obtain a copy of LSPFIX, and Winsockfix
which will then make it possible for you to re-establish your internet
connection if it gets terminated.

Download LSPFIX from either of the following sites: (For Win2k or XP)

Download Winsockfix here

Another thing to consider doing is to run a program (only run one program
at a time) a few times consecutively. The reason for this is that the first
pass may kill certain Spyware programs, but may not be able to terminate
and kill all files and programs which may be running at the time.
That is why a second pass may be necessary to be thoroughly effective.

Also, under the most stubborn cases, running the programs in Safe-Mode
will allow for the best cleaning conditions, as there will be a minimum of
interference from processes running in the background.

Ad -Aware
Ad-Aware Tutorial (might help if you look through this)

CWShredder (cleans all Cool Web Search malware)
CWShredder Tutorial

Coolwebsearch Smartkiller

The above item is sometimes necessary if CWShredder detects a SmartSearch2
variant on your PC.

Spybot S&D
Spybot Tutorial (Must Read)
Other tutorials for Spybot S&D (Also must read)

This item below is designed to *prevent* installation of malware and the
like by comparing known CLSID's of these "bad guys" with what is in its
definitions. By enabling a *Kill Bit* it prevents known malignant ActiveX
from being installed or run on your machine. It doesn't remove anything,
nor will it fix anything that is already in your PC. Rather, it will
installation or re-installation of the item once it has been removed
either manually, or by the use of another program which will perform
the duty of removing the spyware.

SpywareBlaster (prevents installation of spyware, Trojans, etc.)
SpywareBlaster Tutorial

SpywareGuard (companion program to SWB, above)
SpywareGuard Tutorial

If you use Spybot S & D, be sure to clean *ONLY* the items displayed in
*RED*. DO NOT clean any items displayed in Black or Green at this time.

Lastly there is HijackThis. Hijack this is a very powerful, last resort
type of program which is generally best used in conjunction with help from
those who deal with the findings of the log created by the HijackThis
It does nothing in the scan itself; it merely says what is in and running
on your PC. The items must be checked-marked to be "cleaned". You
must know *exactly* what you are checking-off before you proceed.
If you don't, you can quite possibly disable many useful and vital
functions of your PC. Remember; read the Tutorials, and seek help at
SpywareInfo Forums, Net-Integration, or TomCoyote forums for safety's

If the preceding site is down, you may get HijackThis from Major Geeks
(amongst other sites as well)
Hijack This (from Major Geeks)

HijackThis Tutorials **(MUST READ)**

Where to seek help with your HijackThis scan log
SpywareInfo Forums
other help forums for HijackThis:

McAfee AVERT Stinger
avast! Virus Cleaner - free virus & worm removal tool

NOTE: With the above tools, particularly Avast Virus cleaner, be sure to
disable your in PC Anti-virus utility.

Try F-Prot for DOS (I don't know if this will work on XP systems however)

If you can use this program, be sure to make certain the most recent Updates
are obtained for it.
F-Secure Anti-Virus for DOS (F-PROT edition)

Update Macro.def to your system to get up-to-date macro virus protection.
The other Anti-Virus databases, Sign.def and Sign2.def are updated weekly.
They have definitions for all other kinds of viruses except macro-viruses.
MACRO.DEF definition file
SIGN.DEF definition file
SIGN2.DEF definition file

On-Line Virus scanners:

RAV Antivirus Online Virus Scan
Command on Demand
Freedom on-line virus check
TrendMicro Housecall (also detects some Trojans)
BitDefender Scan Online

Kapersky Online Virus Scanner
The above scanner works differently from most; it is a server based
scanner, and will only scan individual files, or directories which are
to 1 MB in total size. It will not do a full system scan.

Hauri LiveCall Online virus scanning
The above is also server based if I remember correctly

Panda on-line virus scan

McAfee FreeScan

Symantec Security Check (page offers security and/or virus scan)

More general info you should be aware of:
The Parasite Fight; Quick Fix Protocol
How to surf the Internet more safely with Internet Explorer
So how did I get infected in the first place?
Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites


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