I can't reset my home page because it keeps going to the
site listed in the subject. Do I have any other options
than to quit using explorer?



Don Varnau

Run CWShredder you
may be lucky enough to have the variety that's easy to remove. (Alternate
site for CWShredder

If that doesn't resolve the problem, work through these links:
Ad-aware, with the latest updates, has fixed this for some users
Also see: SWI Forums - res--random.dll-random.html#random:

Other possible solutions (this is sometimes not easy one to remove)
Aumha org Topic 6466:
AumHa Forums- res [random].dll-sp.html CWS Variant:
Removing the AboutBlank Virus
Computer Cops - aboutblank:
The UNINSTALL link at has worked for some users.
AboutBlank- DaniWeb computer support:
ZerosRealm - AboutBlank:
Note the link to About Buster in one of Zero's messages.

Security tips and other useful information at

Hope this helps,

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