REPOST: Applications Extensibilty 5.3 Problem after upgrade Options



This question is for Chip Pearson or anyone else who can help.

Last week Chip responded to my question about me getting an error with
Applications Extensibilty 5.3. I used to have a different pc running
Win2k and Excel 2000. Now I got a new machine running Xp Pro and
Excel 11.8146.8132 SP2(I think this is ver 2003). Anyway I was
getting the error "Cant find project or library" even though I have
the Applications Extensibilty 5.3 reference set. I followed his
instructions(below) and everything went as he said, but I am still
having the same problem? Any other suggestions?

Applications Extensibilty 5.3 Problem after upgrade Options

The first thing I would try is to re-register Excel's libraries with
Windows, essentially setting Excel back to "factory defaults". Close
and then go to the Windows Start menu, choose Run, and enter

Excel.exe /regserver

You may have to provide the complete path to Excel.exe. E.g.,

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /regserver

This will cause Excel to start, reregister all of its components, then
After that, try starting Excel normally. If you have multiple versions
Excel on the machine, do a /regserver on each version, from earliest




Ok I got it to work. After trying what Chip told me did not work, I
decided to uncheck as many references as I could, then click ok. Then
I went back into my references and checked them all again and it
worked. This is very strange. I was also getting the same error with
my Trim functions.

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