Reports printed to PDF995 - change in pdfsync.ini location


John Geddes

My previously-working PDF-from-Access solution using the PDF995 driver
suddenly started hitting problems recently. I have eventually discovered
the cause - shared here in the hope that it may help others.

PDF995 used to update a file called pdfSync.ini in the "Res" folder each
time it started, and finished, writing a PDF file. The "WaitFor_PDF995"
function credited to Jose Hernandez uses this file to watch for a flag
showing that the PDF conversion is finished.

Suddenly, that stopped working. The reason - from a (very prompt) reply
from Software995: "The file [pdfSync.ini] is located in documents and
settings\all users\application data\pdf995 in the latest versions of
pdf995". In other words, they have moved the file! In my case, an old
copy of the file was still in the right place - it just wasn't getting

There are other ways of handling the sync issue (see - but anyone currently using the
"pdfSync.ini" approach may hit trouble the next time they update their
PDF995 driver!

John Geddes

Joe Cilinceon

Hi John

I'm using PDF995 for printing reports, both single reports and batches of
reports in Access XP. I'm using the method posted in the last paragraph on
the site you posted below.

I not having the problems you describe with the latest version of PDF995 but
who knows it might appear. Appreciate the heads up at any rate.
Nov 22, 2011
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None of those approaches worked for me. I had two Windows XP Pro desktops on the same network and one would run PDF995 perfectly and the other one wouldn't, even though the software was installed from the same location. So I copied the entire C:\pdf995 directory from working computer and restored it onto the non-working computer. Then the non-working computer started working perfectly.

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