Questions:email access reports in SNP&PFD formats, and send to FAX



I am working on an application which is to send ACCESS reports to suppliers
(Monthly Supplier Performance Report cards). I am using the VBA code from the
references which I was directed to, from this forum. I use the Stephan Labans
code to convert the ACCESS report to a PDF format. I send a MS Outlook
message with 2 attachments (a snapshot {snp} and PDF version of the report).
Currently the code works if I close the open PDF version of the report before
the code increments to the next supplier (next recordset record). If I do not
manually close the displayed PDF file I get an error message (permission
denied) when I try to execute the Kill (“C:\SupplierReportCard.PDFâ€) and loop
to the next supplier. I am thinking I need to close the open PDF file after
sending the Email and before looping to the next supplier in the recordset. I
currently do not know how to do this. I use a DoCmd.Close acReport to close
the ACCESS version of the report but this does nothing for the PDF version.
So my question is, is my assumption correct that I need to close the report
before looping and if so how do I do this?
I also have an additional question. I need to send some of the suppliers a
FAX of the report versus an Email. Is there a way I can send a form of the MS
Outlook message {with attachment(s)} to a FAX location? Do I need to change
the documents I send to a FAX location? That is perhaps a cover sheet and
bitmap or other version of the ACCESS report? Thank You in advance for your
responses to my questions.

Gina Whipp


Sounds to me like you would need to loop thru the files... (Can be modified to
PDF and/or SNP)

....then grab them from whatever location you designated and eMail. I don't
know if you can merge the two codes as you didn't post the code you use to
send the eMail.

For faxing see...

Gina Whipp

"I feel I have been denied critical, need to know, information!" - Tremors

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