Report with Charts - decimal places



I created a report with several charts and display the
data table with them. Although I have tried formating
columns in the original query, the underlying SQL query
and the datasheet as fixed (number) with one decimal
place, when I display the report in print view, it always
returns to displaying up to eight decimal places (for
example: 25.83333333). (Oddly the chart in design view
displays correctly.)

The report will be freqently run by my user (after
updating a linked excel spreadsheet) so I need to keep
this simple and cannot do a one time fix. (The charts are
part of a larger report, so exporting to excel won't help
in this instance.)

Any suggesstions appreciated.

Thank you





You set the format for the data in a Chart object buy going to the chart
datasheet and right clicking on the column header that would contain your
data, then, in a method similar to Excel, choose the number format and the
number of decimal places. If that doesn't "hold" then you can also use the
code that is on our web site in the Code and Design tips area, Reports
section, under the topic "Common Problems and Issues with Graph".


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