Report of sales by month based on a cross tab query




I have a cross tab query that will provide sales by month for 2008. Right
now it is sales for January08. As there are sales for future months, they
will appear as well. I want to create a table that has all of the months
listed out already. Right now, on the first day of the month, I go into the
report and add the new month. I want it so that all month are listed which I
have done. The problem is that when I run the report, I get an error that
says "the Microsoft Jet does not recognize February as a valid field name.
After today, there will be February data but no March - December data yet. Is
there a way to list out all of the months and have access ignore them if they
don't exist yet?


Duane Hookom

You can set the Column Headings property of the crosstab query to include all

If you can't figure this out, come back with the SQL view of your crosstab.

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