Replying to emails - including a prefix - instead there is line




I’m using Microsoft Outlook 2003 on a exchange server.

When I reply to emails I want to prefix the original email with >>>. I have
set this up in the ‘Email Options’ Dialog Box. I have the following settings:

When replying to a message – Prefix each line of the original message, and
Prefix each line with: >>>

However, when I reply to emails it doesn’t work. Instead, there is a line
down the left side of the original email message.

Please help, it is very frustrating.

Many thanks


Vince Averello [MVP - Outlook]

That's only on Plain Text email items, HTML items act differently.

Vince Averello [MVP - Outlook]

Don't think so. It's kind of mixing old-school email with new-school email
Jun 3, 2005
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I wish I could always be old school.

I don't mind the blue line especially but I find that when I want to quote and
add comments into a blue lined email, I cannot control the blue line as easily
as the old school > because decreasing the indent (right click quick access ribbon,
more commands, message commands, "decrease indent level")
is ignored, and "Back Space" deletes a line, or leaves the blue line in place
overlaying my text, and does not delete the blue line.

New school would be good too if we could control it.

(I believe threads to be repositories of relevant information, not conversations)

Interestingly, MVP Brian Tillman (may he still be in good health) writes that the settings for text/html responses are applied globally. I wish I knew how to apply my text setting globally, or how to control that blue line.

> Whatever you select will apply to all message types. HTML and Rich Text messages
> will have a vertical bar added down the left side with the color being controlled by the
> color of the font used for replies and forwards and Plain Text will have whatever character
> you specified in the "Prefix each line..." field. If you choose indenting, HTML and Rich
> Text will be indented while Plain Text will not.

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