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Hi. I have a report that shows employee data from all tables, such as
demographic info, address/location data, job information, etc. The
report is set up to show all previous and current records for given
employee. For example, one employee has 8 previous addresses and 5
previous job titles. What I would like the report to do is to just
display the additional address and job records on subsequent pages.
What the report is doing now is displaying the employee's demographic
and all other info on all the pages, even though there is only one
record of information. Does that make sense? For example, the
employee I mentioned above generates a 48 page report. The main
report without historical data is only one page but when I set up this
report to contain all the records in all the tables for this employee,
it outputs to 48 pages. Is there a way to only output the constant
data once, such as the employee's demographic info? And then just
output the additional records for address and job data on subsequent
pages? It shouldn't be 48 pages on info...maybe more like 3 at the
most. TIA




Jeff Boyce


One way to do this would be to use a Group By on your "constant" information
and put the ... details ... in the Details section.

Another would be to make the "constant" information a "main" report, then
create (and embed) a subreport that contained the Details.


Jeff Boyce

Microsoft Office/Access MVP

Microsoft IT Academy Program Mentor

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