Renewing client certificate



I have set up one year ago a CA on Stand alone win2K box. I have issued a
Client certificate to be used by BizTalk.
This certificate expires on May 5 2004, in 5 days.
I searched all documentation about how to renew client certificates,
unfortunatly I can't find a solution.
On the machine where the certificate is installed, I tried the following :
In MMC in Local computer, personal local store, right click on the
certificate, chose anyone of the 4 options provided

A - Rerquest certificate with new key
B - request certificate with same key
C - renew certifcate with new key
D - renew certifcate with same key
I get teh following error : "there is no authority to process the request"

In local User store, right click the certificate, chose on of the options
mentioned, I get the following error :
This certificate cannot be renewed because it does not contain enough
information to generate a renewal request.
Please request à new certificate

So PLEASE IS there any doc or tutorial or info somewhere describing
necessary steps to follow to renew a client certificate.

Thanks in ADvance



Steven L Umbach

You can't use mmc certificate snapin to request/renew certificates unless you are
using an Enterprise CA in an AD domain. For a stand alone CA you use Web Enrollment
to request certificates. You probably could just use a new certificate as long as it
was the same type from the same CA for your purpose. I don't think you can renew
client certificates on a stand alone CA. -- Steve --- Web

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