Renaming excel files in a folder


Rhett C

My office uses a multi-department spreadsheet that was designed badly before
I got there but I must continue to use. It links 20 employee's daily
spreadsheet to the main. Each month I have to rename excel sheets with the
employee name and day of the month in order to link them to this main
spreadsheet and copy them to a folder with the employee name. Example: Report
1-1-10 John Doe, Report 1-2-10 John Doe, Report 1-3-10 John Doe...then go
back in, copy the 30 days of files into another employee folder and go back
and change the name for each file for the different employee. Is there a
faster way of making these copies and replacing the names of the files with
the different employee names? Please help!





No doubt there is a much easier way, but I need to know a little more about
it all, so if you'd like me to assist, get in touch with me via email
through (remove spaces)
Help [email protected] jlatham
Remind me of your username here (Rhett C) when your write, and perhaps even
copy the text of your post into the email. Then we can get started.

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