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I have a report that is output in Excel. The first column is employee name,
the second column is date and so forth. The problem is the employee name does
not come across in the report next to the dates, in other words, the name is
on one row with the dates on their own rows, but with no name in the name
Employee Name Date Hours
Jane Doe
9/1/2008 5
9/1/2008 4
Total 9
John Doe
9/1/2008 5
9/1/2008 4
Total 9

The report is extremely large, so manually putting the names in the
corresponding fields is time consuming. Is there a way to progammatically
populate the fields below with the name above until you come to the next non
empty field so that is looks like this?

Employee Name Date Hours
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9/1/2008 5
Jane Doe 9/1/2008 4
Jane Doe Total 9
John Doe
John Doe 9/1/2008 5
John Doe 9/1/2008 4
John Doe Total 9

I need to import this into MS Access to link by name, so if this is done
easier in Access let me know.




Insert a blank column between name and date (temporarily), click in
the name column, then press F5 (GoTo) and click on Special and check
Current Region - this should highlight all the cells in the name
column. Then press F5 again, click Special and choose Blanks - now it
should be only the blank cells in that column that are highlighted,
with the cell under Jane Doe the active cell.

Begin typing a formula by typing = and then click in the cell above
(Jane Doe in your example) then CTRL-Enter.

Then you can delete the column you inserted, and maybe fix the values
in the name column.

Hope this helps.


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