Removing the CPU heatsink and fan assembly



Ok, I did it, myself. I used a large straight head screwdriver and some large
needle nose pliers. I first removed the motherboard from the PC, after
labeling or labelling the motherboard connectors with the front panel
connectors with post address labels. I then took a good look at how it was
hooked up and then pushed down with the screwdriver and pulled out with the
needle nose plier the heatsink and fan hook-up and presto! I didi it!
Now, isn't it better when someone isn't jealous and will tell someone with
precise ways of doing things.
Ok, gotta go, but I feel alot better. It took me days of dealing with
morons to finally get this to go. I did this myself without any help, wait I
take that back. There was one person who said to use pliers and a
screwdriver, but he didn't go into detail. I did that, going into detail.
See, I don't need to do PC tech work for a living, at least, not yet.
Thanks, attilathehun1


....and again....

There's at least a MILLION AND ONE REALLY good tutorials, and "step by
step" "work throughs," out there on the web - on how to remove and replace,
or fit, various types of cpu h/s & fans, all you have to do is a little
search and READ !

....enjoy, ...having it "UP YOURS" :)

regards, Richard

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