Removing frame target from Navigation for home page.



I have a "Front Page" that is a whole window. Subsequent pages are in
frames. One frame has a navigation window which places all other pages in my
main frame.

My problem is that if one clickes on the HOME button of the navigation bar,
my whole page gets placed in the main frame.

How can I redirect the home page to a full window and remove the frames?

Andrew Murray

Set the target to open in the full page in the Hyperlinks properties, not
targeting a particular frame name.


If your navigation tree is a FP links bar you can aloso solve your problem by
removing the HOME option [by not selecting it when setting up the links bar]
and then manually adding a home texted hyperlink in front of the FP Links bar
and set that manual link to open on a Whole Page [In tartget as Andrew

Hope this helps.

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