Removing DRM in Sony SonicStage



I've read that you can remove the OpenMG DRM in versions of Sony
SonicStage 3.3 and up. I have SonicStage 4.2, and cannot figure out how
to do this. What I've found online seems to imply that if you convert a
file with the "Add copy protection after completing copy protection"
unchecked, the DRM will be stripped. When I tried that, the software
refused to convert, as the files were under OpenMG DRM. I contacted
Sony Support via chat, and aside from being rude, they were not at all
helpful. Can anyone tell me how to strip my music library of DRM? Thanks.


You can't use DRM'd files in this fashion.
You'll have to burn them to an
Audio CD and re-rip as unprotected files.

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