removing & adding stock to inventory database



I am a newbie.... I have made a parts inventory database with a price list
as my main table because it has all part#'s available in it with
description and cost. A second local stock linked table with Part#'s linked
also in the table is quantity and location of part. I have created a form
and sub form for both those tables and a search button to help find
locations and cost of part#'s...

My problem is creating a form for both adding more stock to available stock
by just entering new stock added and removing stock by just entering the
stock taken and allowing the database to adjust the quantity in the local
stock table.

Any help would be great... or point me to an example of similar



Allen Browne

This is a big question, and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Some
databases must handle batches with expiry dates and FIFO operation. Others
must handle track individual items by serial number. Stock might have a
current value based on current market value, or it might be valued on the
purchase price at the time it was acquired. Then there's
loss/theft/breakages/evaporation/shrinkage/perishing/whatever, and probably
regular stocktakes.

For an introduction to the topic, see:
Inventory Control - Quantity On Hand
The article explains the basics of calculating the current stock level when
needed, based on acquisitions less sales from a known starting point (last

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