Removing a DC from Active Directory



I have a Windows 2000 environment where I need to delete/remove all
references to a domain controller that is no longer in our AD domain.
I followed the Microsoft recommended procedures in the different KB
articles for removing a domain controller from Active Directory
(metadata cleanup, removing references to the DC with ADSIEdit,
removed it in DNS, Sites and Services, Users and Computers, WINS,
etc.) However, when I run DNSLint on the domain controller to verify
whether or not it still looks for the "removed" domain controller, the
report generated states that the "removed" domain controller can not
be found. This indicates that there is still a reference to this
"removed" domain controller somewhere in AD where the other domain
controllers are looking for it as a replication partner.

This seems to pose a huge problem for us because as we're testing an
upgrade to Windows 2003, the ForestPrep is not fully successful
because its still looking for the domain controller that was removed
from AD.

How do I completely remove it from AD so that there is no reference to
it at all? If the recommended procedures "completely" remove the DC
from Active Directory, then why does it continue to reference it when
I run DNSLint?

Your help is much appreciated!




Jimmy Andersson [MVP]

Probably because you still have a ref in your DNS.





Yes I agree.

Run a scavenge routine on one of your DNS servers


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