Could not remove active directory from additional DC


Ibrahim OZKAN

Hi everyone;
I have a problem about Windows 2000 active directory.
Could not replicate additional Dc server with Domain
controller server.

Domain Controller server is running corect but When I
created new user or objecy on Domain Controller server, I
could not see on additional dc.

For exampe; I cerate new user on Domain controller, I am
login domain controller with new user and connect to
domain contoller. But I don't connect additonal DC.

I could not remove active directory from additional DC (
could not do demotion server). While remove demotion
additional Dc, when Additional Dc was give error.

Error: The operation failed because: Failed finding a
suitable domain controller for the domain "domain name"
The security database on the server does not have a
computer account for this workstation trust relationship.

I'm waiting your help about this subject. Thanks for your
help, already now.



Joe Richards [MVP]

Most likely you have a dns issue however to find out for sure, start doing
replication checks with the provided tools such as repadmin or replmon or
look at the event logs to see what errors there are.

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