Remove S/MIME from OWA



One of my users installed S/MIME on his laptop through OWA by mistake. We
tried removing it through the Add/Remove Programs dialog but it says to
uninstall the earlier version. I found several articles detailing a method of
installing an earlier version of setupmcl.exe then removing the S/MIME
program. We are running SP2 on Exchange 2003 Standard so I don't have access
to the earlier version of the setupmcl.exe file. Any ideas on how to remove
S/MIME without wiping the laptop would be appreciated?



neo [mvp outlook]

You could try downloading SP1 for Exchange 2003 and then unzipping it with
WinRAR. From there you would have a copy of setupmcl.exe from SP1. If that
one doesn't work, then I would jump back to your installation media for
Exchange 2003 and tear apart the two cab files.

ps - you really need to know when s/he installed it because it will help you
determine if the control came from the RTM or SP1 copy of the control.

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