Remove DFS Root Replica


Adam Lackie


I recently had a domain controller explode on me - it is irretrievebly

I have recovered from this loss, but have an annoying problem. The
domain controller was a DFS root replica, and the other DFS servers
are now complaining that they are unable to replicate to the dead
domain controller (obviously). However, when I try to delete the root
replica from DFS for the dead machine, I am unable to because : Access
is denied.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.



Mukul Gupta [MSFT]

Is this W2K server?
Please use 'dfsutil.exe /unmap...' option to remove the DFS root replica
name from the DFS root metadata in Active Directory (need to run this
command from the account of user who created this root or from
domain-administrator account).
Please use 'dfsutil.exe /clean...' option on the exploded DC (now a normal
machine) to cleanup the information related to this DFS root name from its
registry (need to be local admin on this machine to be able to execute this

Mukul [MSFT]

PS: Please post DFS related queries in newsgroup
microsoft.public.win2000.file_system. Please use "DFS" in subject to make it
immediately noticeable.

PS: Please find latest dfsutil.exe for Win2003 (updated) at

Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers
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