Remove CNF: Objects in Active Directory



About a year ago, we submitted a request to Microsoft to find out how to
delete Conflicted objects in AD (DHCP Administrators). We are now finally
going to attempt to correct this issue prior to upgrading to Windows 2003.

Here is the process given by Microsoft Support:


CNF’s for the DHCP Administrators group


Multiple DHCP servers brought into the network will make another copy of
the DHCP admin group account if they do not find it during startup.


Stop DHCP service throughout the domain.

Remove the CNF DHCP Admin accounts at a core DC

Allow/force replication, wait at least two hours

check to make sure that DCs in remote site only contain the single DHCP
Admin group, and no CNF versions

Slowly restart the DHCP services at the sites

My questions are:

Does this process require all DHCP Servers stopped? We have some deployed on
DCs and others on Member Servers.

Does this process also work on DHCP Users and WINS Users?

Any help would be gladly appreciated.

Aug 20, 2015
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..."Slowly restart the DHCP services at the sites" - How exactly do you slowly restart DHCP services? I can find a "slow restart" option )))))))))))))

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