Remove an unused test domain from AD



Hi there,

I want to remove an old test domain from active directory. The domain
controller was removed and the domain now has no DCs in operation. I have
been following the instructions in

The domain to KEEP is officeA, the domain to REMOVE is officeB. I wanted to
check that what I am about to do is correct as if I made a mistake I am
aware the consequences would be disastrous.

Here is the output from ntdsutil......

ntdsutil: metadata cleanup
metadata cleanup: connections
server connections: connect to server16
Error 80070057 parsing input - illegal syntax?
server connections: connect to server server16
Binding to server16 ...
Connected to server16 using credentials of locally logged on user
server connections: quit
metadata cleanup: select operation target
select operation target: list domains
Found 2 domain(s)
0 - DC=domainA,DC=local
1 - DC=domainB,DC=local
select operation target: select domain 1
No current site
Domain - DC=domainB,DC=local
No current server
No current Naming Context
select operation target: quit
metadata cleanup: remove selected domain


Any help greatly appreciated.




Paul Bergson

I do this all the time in my test environment for servers and yes as long as
all sites and servers from within the old domain are gone. Otherwise go
through the sites and make sure there aren't any orphaned servers (Or sites)
still in the old domain.

Once you have all else cleaned out go ahead and remove the old domain.



Jimmy Andersson [MVP]

Also make sure you don't have any connection object's left.


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