Remote WMI using WMIC - RPC Server is Unavailable


Colin Bowern

I'm trying to connect to a machine via WMIC to query values. I can't seem
to get past 0x800706ba - The RPC server is unavailable. Here's the command:

WMIC /node:"TargetIpAddress" /user:"PERIMETER\username" /password:"password"

Here's the setup:

- PERIMETER has a one-way forest trust to OFFICE
- The Source machine is running Windows Server 2003 SP2 which resides in the
OFFICE domain.
- The Target machine is running Windows Server 2003 SP2, ISA Server 2006
which resides in the PERIMETER domain.
- ISA Server is set to allow the Source machine to connect using RPC.
- The ISA activity log verifies there is no connections being denied.
- I can RPCPing and Telnet from the Source machine to the Target machine
using port 135.

- I can NET USE * \\TARGET\C$ /USER:"PERIMETER\username" on the Source
machine to connect to the Target machine
- I have configured the WMI Control MMC to allow OFFICE\Domain Admins and
OFFICE\Source$ the ability to Execute Methods, Provider Write, Enable
Account, Remote Enable on the Target machine.
- I have enabled blanket DCOM local/remote access and launch permissions for
OFFICE\Domain Admins and OFFICE\Source$ on the Target machine using the
dcomcnfg mmc.

I know it is getting past authentication as it returns "Access is denied"
when I provide a bad password. The logs in the WBEM\Logs folder do not
provide anything useful.

Any further thoughts on next steps?


Colin Bowern

Adding a rule for RPC (all interfaces) in ISA Server is not enough. You
need to right-click the rule itself, go to Configure RPC Protocol and
unselect "Force Strict RPC Compliance" on that particular rule. We're now
querying away happily with WMI.


Remote desktop control &software tracker

I am mathan,
Respected sir/madam,
I got one error message in My project.I need your help for my
project work.
I got one error message "RPC server is unavailable" .So how can I avoid this
problem ?.So please send the step wise process to control system remotely by
using Systems Hostname.My project title is Remote desktop control and
software tracker"

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