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Hello All
We're using Win 2000 professional at our workplace.
I have an application which uses some config files
initially to start by itself.

The application loads all the required information from the config file and
accordingly connects to a database (based on the info supplied by the config
Also I have placed the shortcut to my application in the Windows Task
Manager for my ease of starting it.

So far so good. The problem comes when i try to connect to my application
through Remote Desktop Connection.

Whenever i create a shortcut to the application (remotely through Remote
Desktop Sharing) in the task bar and try opening it. It works as expected.

But after this if i try to start the same application directly on that pc by
clicking on the shortcut icon. This time around all my config files are
corrupted and hence the application fails to open.

God knows what happened in between. Im still figuring it out how the RDC
corrupted my config files when i created the shortcut of the application

Anybody to help me here ??



Dave Patrick

Windows 2000 Professional isn't able to host the server side of an RDP
session. You might ask the application developer about the corruption issue.



Dave Patrick ....Please no email replies - reply in newsgroup.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft MVP [Windows]

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