Remote desktop connection for non Domain Admin


Lee Messenger


I have a number of 2003 member servers in my forest that I would like non
Domain Admin users to be able to connect to using Remote Desktop. I would
the connection to be made to the Console (session 0) so they were connected
as if they were sitting at the server.

I have enabled remote desktop, given the user(s) access, given them full
permissions in TS Configuration, however, when they try to connect, it says
"You do not have access to logon to this session"

I have a GPO linked to my Servers OU, and have given the users the Allow Log
on to Terminal Services right, and Log on Locally, but still they get the

Any suggestions ?





Matthew Harris [MVP]

When you say that you had "given them full permissions in
TS configuration" does this mean that you adjusted the
permissions of the RDP-TCP connection in the terminal
services configuration?

Are there any eventlog entries that might indicate what is
going on here?


Matthew Harris [MVP]

Have you tried putting this epcific user into the remote
desktop user's group?




Win2000 user with a different question

try putting the user in the local admin group and see if
that works.
if not, try switching to remote administrative mode

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