Non Administrator RDP to Console 2003 Domain Controller



I have done tons of google searching and can't seem to get my TAM to respond
to any of my emails...

I cannot get members of the Builtin\Remote Desktop Users group to connect to
the console port of our domain controllers unless they are Domain Admins (we
are trying to limit our number of domain admins). I have granted Remote
Desktop Users Full Control of the RDP-TCP connection in Terminal Services
Manager. We have set a GPO setting for Allow logon through terminal services
and also Allow logon locally.

The problem is that they can connect through RDP and logon, they can log on
locally, but they cannot logon through RDP to the console even if no one is
logged in locally. Does anyone here have any eqperience with this that could
maybe point me in the right direction?


I got my answer from microsoft...

You can do this via WMIC.

Type: rdpermissions where terminalname="console" call addaccount
"<domain>\<username>",2 in WMIC

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