Remote Connection, VNC? VPN? HELP!



I would like to be able to connect remotely to a remote PC. I would
like to use UltraVNC's add-on that you can create an EXE file so they
(remote computer) just need to open the EXE, and double click to make
a connection.

- Vista Home Premium
- Linksys WRTG-54 router
- VNC Server
- IP address provided by DynDNS
- Using the Windows Firewall

Steps Taken:
I must advise that I'm not the smartest when it comes to networks. I'm
able to connect through a local computer with VNC, now I just need to
figure out how to make a connection externally. I've added port 5500
associated with my private IP address through my router. Made sure
port 5500 wasn't blocked by Windows firewall. I've set up the DMZ to
my IP address (private). Now when I go on another computer on my LAN,
using XP-Home, try to connect to the ip address provided by DynDNS, it
just times out and doesn't make a connection. I'm able to make a
connection trying to connect using the IP address provided by the
router. I've even gave up and tried VPN, doesn't work either, I just
need some help, I know I'm doing something wrong, but what? I need
some feedback.


Jeffrey Randow

Are you sure that your Private (internal) IP Address hasn't changed?
This can break any portwarding in your router...

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