Remote Access over dialup - 2nd post


Paul Kraemer


I asked this question a couple months ago and got no response, so I figured
I would try again. My apologies to anyone who had to read it twice.....

I will be setting up a PC that will be used with a machine my company is
building. This "Machine PC" will serve as the user interface to the machine
and will also be running Microsoft SQL server to store historical data and to
make this data available for reporting.

I have a requirement that my historical data is available via dial-up modem.
I am considering two options:

1. Remote Desktop Connection - Allow dial-up users to take over the whole
Machine PC. I would create reports on the Machine PC that pull data from the
SQL Server, but I would set it up so that output from these reports could be
redirected to a printer (or a file) at the remote location.

2. Rather than Remote Desktop Connection, I would try to set it up so that
the Machine PC simply appeared to be on the same LAN as the Remote PC. I
would create reports on the Remote PC that would pull data from the SQL
Server as if they were on the same LAN, even though they were actually only
connected via dial-up.

I haven't used dial-up in so long that I am not even sure that either of the
above options are even possible. If anyone can tell me if either or both of
my options are possible, and also if you can recommend which option would
give me better performance, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

You have to be clear about the scenario.
If the in-between computer is connected to the Internet then dialup clients
need a Dialup Internet service and they can connect through the Internet to
the server, the result is what ever you do to work through the Internet
(only sloww... ;) ).
Otherwise you need a dial up modem with an independent Tel. line available
for the in-between PC, and you can configure the whole thing with a with RAS
server to accept remote calls without the Internet involved.
Old Stuff,
New Stuff,
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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