Remind beforehand / reminder can not be set to "none" for all-dayevents...



I think I have found another bug that is rather annoying ...
Somebody tell me if it's just me ....

I am working to put "limits" on my recurring calendar events in
Outlook 2007 SP2 running on Windows Vista, per the slipstick article
that Diane referenced:

To do this more efficiently I changed the calendar view to the
"Recurring Appointments" view.

I notice that for all-day events that the default Remind beforehand /
reminder value is 1080 (minutes) or 18 hours.
If I edit an event and set the reminder value to "none" the update is
not accepted and the value stays at its previous setting. I can
change it from 1080 --> 5 minutes or some other value but even having
changed to to (say) 5 min. first I still can not then change change it
to "none". Is that a "feature" of Outlook 2007 SP2?

Related question: for an all-day event with a reminder value of "1
day" at what time does the reminder go off?
Midnight of the day before ??? Or as another example does the default
value of 18 hours would mean 8am on the prior day?

If I can't set it to "none" I at least want to be sure my iPhone
doesn't wake me up at midnight to remind me of a birthday ;-)



Potentially answering part of my own question...

Besides the "Remind Beforehand" field which seems to want a numeric
value, there is the "Reminder" field which seems to be on/off or
"Bell" / No Bell" I guess if set to "No Bell" then regardless of the
value in "Remind Beforehand" you would not be reminded?

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