Relationships in frontend vs. backend



I recently split our Access database into front-end and backend. This week
I opened the backend, created a number of tables, and established their
relationships to each other and to existing tables. It was very disturbing
to open Relationships in the front-end and discover the old relationship
model. Then I opened the backend and found it as I had left it.

Where is the correct place to edit relationships? How to I keep the two in

Thanks for your help.

Albert D. Kallal

The relationships and integrity is always maintained in the back end.

if you think about this, what would happen if we had three different people
with three different front ends, which one would be the booss?

For the most parts it not too important, but you'll often see that the front
end diagrams and relationships are not quite in sync or set up correctly.
Since you have to go into the back end to modify, change tables etc, then
that's the time when I make sure layout and relationships are correctly set
up the diagram in the back end.....

You notice that the relationships in the front end cannot be modified...


Thank you. So I'll ignore the front-end relationship, and assume it has no
meaning and no means to stay in sync.

I appreciate your help.

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