Related items in VBA Code



We would like to add Contacts through VBA code. Easy enough. We
would also like to add Tasks, Calendar Items, Notes, and Journal Items
through VBA code that are related to the contacts in question. We are
using Outlook 2003.

We can get as far as adding the Contacts, and then we can add Tasks,
because Tasks have a read/write property of ContactNames, so if I
create a Contact and name it after myself, relating a task to my new
contact takes one line of code:

tsk1.ContactNames = "David"

Doing the same with a Journal item should be easy, but it's not,
because doing this:

jrn1.ContactNames = "David"

doesn't work, i.e. the journal entry is created, but it does not show
up in the Contact's activity screen.

Appointment items and Note items do not seem to have a similar
"ContactNames" property.

So the question is this: Is there a way to create Tasks,
Appointments, Notes, and Journal items through VBA code that relate
back to contacts? Any code samples would be appreciated greatly!
Thank you!




Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]

Use the Links collection instead to add related Contact items, as in:

myLinks = myJournalItem.Links
myLinks.Add (myContactItem)

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