Registered JIT Debugger is not available



Iam trying to run a Windows application (Release mode) installed by a
Deployment project (release mode) on a system which has the .NET
framework Redistributable (23meg) installed. It gives me the following

"registered JIT debugger is not available.
an attempt to launch a JIT debugger with the following command resulted
in an error code of 0x2(2).
please check your computer settings.

cordbg.exe !a 0x...
have you any ideas ??


Tian Min Huang

Hi Srikanth,

I replied early in another thread, and I pasted it here for your

"Based on my experience, this can be caused by a corrupted installation of
the .NET Framework 1.1. Manually removing the .NET Framework (steps in should suffice) then using
best-practice techniques to reinstall it (selective startup using
MSCONFIG.EXE including only the Windows Installer service) should allow the
installation of .NET framework to succeed without error.

Best-practice reinstallation steps are:

**If you're on a Novell Network proceed with caution... you will need the
local Administrator account to successfully log on to the machine. If you
proceed without knowing the local administrator's password, you will lock
yourself out of your machine**

1. Download and extract the contents of attached MSCONFIG.ZIP (msconfig.exe)
2. Run it to launch the System Configuration Utility
3. Under the General tab, choose Diagnostic Startup
4. Under the Services tab, find and add a check to Windows Installer
5. Click Apply then Close
6. Reboot when prompted

NOTE: the settings in the System Configuration Utility will persist from
boot up to boot up. To get back to a normal startup, you must choose
"Normal Startup" in the utility and reboot. Failing to do so will result
in an inability to ¡®see?network resources, which can include your internet

7. Once rebooted, go to Start | Run... type "%temp%" then click OK to get
into your Temp directory
8. Delete all contents of %temp%
9. Run the program dotnetfx.exe which can be found in the DotNetFramework
folder on the WCU CD or in the WCU\DotNetFramework folder if you're using
the DVD... this will manually kick off the Framework installation.

Hope it helps."

Have a nice day!


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May 14, 2006
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debugger not available

I tried to fix the problem with a system restore. While looking for a restore point I noticed a point that said "removed framework 1.1." I have no idea why that was ther but I did a restore at an earlier point and it fixed the problem.

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