regedit problems



I am trying to go into regedit and this is what I am getting:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:055c IP:ffe4 OP:fe ff 1d 09 c6 chose to close to terminate the

Michael T

This issue is a know indication you have a virus-worm. For
example the alcan.a worm, or the w32/Mugly.M (or Picrate.C) virus.

There have even been reports that neither Symantec (NAV) nor AVG will
necessarily find it, but Panda will.

I would immediately go to and do a
scan. Preferably with System Restore turned off.

Good luck.

Ramesh, MS-MVP is NOT a Windows system file. It might be a Trojan dropper;
Delete the file first, and follow-up with a complete virus scan. Try Trend
Micro's Sysclean package (free), it's capable of eliminating keyloggers,
trojans etc. Full instructions at:

Trend Micro Sysclean package

AVG Anti-Virus: (freeware)

Free Online Virus Scanners and Security Tests:

The Parasite Fight - Quick Fix Protocol:

Ramesh, MS-MVP
Windows Shell/User

Windows XP Troubleshooting

Windows XP Newsgroup Setup Instructions for Outlook Express:

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