regarding windowsdefender problem



We have problem in windowsvista regarding windows defender.
We have one application, it runs with administartive privilleges and
whenever user logs on it atomatically runs ,for that we store the
application information in the following registry key.
Due to this the entry created in startup.
In windows xp it is working fine but in windowsvista OS we are facing
a problem i.e whenever users logs on windowsdefender blocks the program
(it blocks the administartive privilleges applications in startup).
For that we create an entry in taskscheduler instead of the
startup,but due to this the limited user can't save the settings in
task scheduler and can't delete the tasks in taskscheduler.
In windows defender we saw one option that is "Allowed lists" .If we
create our application entry into that list ,may be it doesn't blocks
( not sure).
If we saw in windows defender/tools/software explorer my application
classification is not yet classified it is not permitted may be that
reason also it blocks i think.
Please can u tell the programatic solution to create an entry in
allowed lists of windowsdefender in vista or any alternate solution
for this problem ?(It should accessable to all the users and users can
->Otherwise can u tell me how to write an application which should not
be blocked by windows defender.


Hello neethu,

Try add the full path and file name to the Tools/Options/ do not scan box,
hit the add button, and Save.

Remember Save

Good luck



how to add programetically into that list (using vc++ code)?
Is this same as "allowedelist"?

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