Refresh Form


Don S

I have a form on which I want to be able to change data and then immediately
print a letter pulling data from the active form. I am using a command
button with a macro to pull the appropriate letter.

Currently I have a refresh button so users can click on it and refresh the
active form after changing data but to ensure that the new data is
incorporated into the letter I would prefer to include a refresh action in my
macro that I use to print the letter. I have tried the "Requery" action but
it requeries all the data and goes back to the first form. How can I refresh
only the active form so the letter will print correctly?

Sometimes data will change and no letter will need to be printed at that
time so the normal Access actions are fine.

Can I do this in a macro as I am not very knowledgeable of code?

Thanks for your assistance.

Allen Browne

Use the RunCommand action.
In the lower pane of query design, choose Save Record.

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