References Different on different machines



This comes on the back of a question i asked earlier. Maybe a stupid
question but here go's.

I've discovered that in Tools> References > that some users have:
Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0 (SP6)
Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6)

On my machine i have SP3. I've checked the version on both machines and the
version is SP3. Would this be the reason my Userform crashes and i get the
message ""Object Library Invalid or contains references to object
that could not be found"

I'm guessing it is but before i launch into a reuqest to get this fixed
wanted to confirm with some of you guys out there that this could well be the



To answer the previous question
I didn't have to uncheck to fix the problem with Ref Edit Control. I simply
hit the Browse button and found the library file on my C: drive and double
clicked on the filename in the dialog window.

I think when updates occured to the excel the references weren't loaded
properly. My problem I think occured when the program file directory for
excel went from office10 to office11.


Hi Joel,

Thanks for the suggestion. So here's what i did.

I went to Tools REference, clicked browse, unchecked MS Windows common
controls-2 6.0 (SP6). Then hit Browse and double cliecked on the MsComct2.ocx
Checked the MS Windows common controls-2 6.0 (SP6) and still reaing SP6.

One thing to note. users dont have write access to their C:\. Is that a
reason maybe why its not updating or could it be the OCX file which is dates
Sept 17 2008 is the incorrect one?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this please.


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