Excel 2007 MS Common Controls


John Howard

I have two PC's each loaded with Excel 2007 and both updated to the same SP2
One machine allows Reference to 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2
6.0(SP6)' whilst the second machine has this Reference missing.

I assume that the missing Reference comes from an ocx file.
Could anyone explain where this file comes from if not from within Office /
Excel updates.

Also am I correct in assuming that this Reference controls the Date / Time
Picker and MonthView Control ActiveX tools?

Jacob Skaria

--Common controls are mscomctl.ocx and comctl32.ocx which usually comes along
with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 or Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

--Date/Time Picker and MonthView Control are part of a group of ActiveX
controls MSCOMCT2.OCX. You can download this from the below location


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